We do not generally keep a direct waiting list, except in the case of our market-rented properties and studio accommodation for single people. If you want to be housed by us or another housing association in the London Borough of Bromley, you need to register with Bromley Homeseekers and bid for properties through their system. Within Bromley the demand for social housing far exceeds the available supply and in fact about 70% of those applying for social housing will not be accepted onto the register by Bromley. Those applying for housing are expected to take a proactive role in the prevention or solution of their own housing problem and must seriously consider any advice or options they are given rather than solely relying on a move into social housing to resolve their situation. Please refer to Bromley Homeseekers for more information and their allocation scheme. For more information about our studio accommodation or about how to be housed by us, please complete our contact form here.

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