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How to apply for housing

At PCHA we are committed to providing excellent homes and services to residents and helping to build strong and sustainable communities where people want to live and work. We recognise that our homes are a valuable resource that should be allocated in an efficient, fair, open and transparent way.

PCHA does not operate a waiting list for our general housing and will not normally consider direct applications from individuals seeking housing. We work closely with local authority partners, to ensure we contribute to meeting local housing needs and building sustainable communities. However, we do maintain a direct waiting list for internal transfers and hold a separate waiting list for studio flats for those with a local connection to the London Borough of Bromley, which are not required to be placed with our local authority partners.

If you wish to be housed by us or another housing association in the London Borough of Bromley, you will normally need to register with the Bromley Housing Portal and bid for properties through their system.


For full details of how we allocate our homes, please download the leaflet here (right).


For more information about our studio accommodation or about how to be housed by us, please complete our contact form below.

For more information or to enquire about our studio accommodation for single people, please fill in this form.

Thanks for contacting PCHA. We will be in contact within 3 working days.

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